Justin Golak x Jackie Mantey – Gone Crewneck
For a limited time only, style-up in pieces from creator Jackie Mantey’s collection of embroidered historical imagery, including selections from Gone, Country, her multimedia 2018 art exhibition. Choose your image and size, and creator Justin Golak will hand-press that image onto a white, crewneck sweatshirt (Hane’s, unisex, 50/50 poly cotton blend).
This item is no longer for sale.


Gone, Country
Written as a companion piece to a gallery show of embroidered imagery and writing by author Jackie Mantey, “Gone, Country” weaves together essays, stories, prose, and art about life lived straddling the middle of today’s rural/ urban divide. The book is broken into four themes–Home, Faith, Hope, and Love–all representative of words we often use (or hang on our walls) but less often consider as experiences weighty with nuance and varied by choice. With a mix of humor, grief, and honesty, “Gone, Country” explores creative nonfiction’s memoir potential while reflecting one American country-girl-cum-city-woman’s search for a place to land and effort to bridge an identity inspired by seemingly opposed forces.